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"Wise people realize how
 little they know, only fools 

 think they know it all!"

                                          Knowledge transfer from our experts

Training at SKIOS goes far beyond simple "button pushing". Applied analysis experience is interwoven into our training courses by our experienced instructors to ensure valuable and useful knowledge is transferred to the course participants. 

Scheduled Standard Training Courses:

In spite of all modern technologies like e.g. webinars and internet video training, experience shows, that eye to eye personal interaction of participants and instructors is still one of the most effective ways to transfer knowledge. Our courses of different lengths and at different levels, from beginners to experts, are normally held at our training centers. This offers a perfect “Training Atmosphere”, facilitating the interaction of participants and instructors and thus the transfer of new ideas, and last but not least “Best Simulation Practices”. The courses also include numerous “real industry” training examples. Course literature and training examples are supplied in digital format. As an alternative, standard training courses also can be carried out at your premises.

Customized Training Courses:

We offer training courses customized to your company- and staff-specific needs. Our instructors and you will jointly determine the content and we will develop a specific course accordingly. In order to keep low costs, different parts from different standard courses might be adapted to your specific needs. Training examples covering your specific simulation challenges, ensure maximum efficiency in transferring simulation knowledge to your staff. Not only the course content but also the venue and date offer total flexibility. Course literature and training examples are supplied in digital format. 

Online Training Courses:

Should your staff for some reason be unable to attend a scheduled training course, they have the possibility to participate in a course via the internet. Depending on the course of your choice, they extend over different numbers of days and hours on each occasion. Relevant training material is supplied.

Focus Days:

Does one or several of your staff members need direct access to specialists in order to efficiently solve a specific simulation problem? Here our Focus Days offer the perfect solution, where we welcome your staff at a venue of their choice. There they have immediate access to our specialists in different areas, including computer- and software resources to solve their problem. Nothing is more efficient than a direct eye to eye discussion with people who have the knowledge when you need it!

Don´t hesitate to ask for an individual training offer, call SKIOS at +46 21 47 13 100 or mail us at!