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Q.   Which is the lastest CAEPIPE version?


Latest CAEPIPE version click here

Q.      Where can I download the latest version of CAEPIPE


To be able to download the latest CAEPIPE version you must register to SST systems customer platform called “PEXit”. You can read more about how to use PEXit and how to install the latest version of CAEPIPE in this pdf-file: PEXit and installation info.
The PEXit platform is a platform for CAEPIPE users from all around the world and here you can find download links and discussion areas for CAEPIPE customer's convenience.

You will find the latest CAEPIPE version when you have logged in to PEXit under the headline Software and then you can choose SST Products. Be sure to click on the correct download link, looking like the text below:

“For ME&S (Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support) and Non-ME&S Users Download Your Software Update/Version of the CAEPIPE program (for both USB Hardware Key and SSTLM Protected versions)”

Q.    Where can I download the latest CAEPIPE Manual and other documentation?


You can download the manual from this page. https://www.sstusa.com/support-docs.php