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As a specialist in the field of piping and pressure vessel related analysis, SKIOS Engineering offers state-of-the-art software, support, training, knowledge transfer and problem solving services.

SKIOS Engineering AB is a sales and business partner of SST Systems Inc (CAEPIPE), USA, and Sigma Ing. mbH (ROHR2, SINETZ, and PROBAD) from Germany.  

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Product News - New version of  ROHR2 is released

The new version 34.0 of ROHR2 has been released.

Overview of news 

  • New calculation rule ASME NM.1 for plastic pipes
  • New component "Pipe coupling" (e.g. Victaulic coupling)

  • Specification of an eccentric mass (e.g. drive) on valves

  • Specification of movement limits for axial expansion joints is now possible

  • New boundary condition "Hot-Tapping" to automatically generate the deformation breaks for a connection to a "Hotline"

  • Users can now define Hot-keys in ROHR2

  • Bi-directional data exchange between ROHR2 and PROBAD 

  • ROHR2fesu (FEM Module): new components and new mesher introduced

  • Update of the implemented piping codes (ASME, Eurocode...)

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How to model and set up pipe supports and hangers

You don´t have to struggle how to set up a hanger or a pipe support efficiently in your pipe stress analysis program of choice, anymore. 

Skios have published a coulpe of instructions how to do this. Please feel free to download and use these. The instructions is avalible in our support section of this webpage.

For instructions in ROHR2, please click here!

For instructions in CAEPIPE, please click here!




Product News - New version of  PROBAD is released

The new version 2023-1 of PROBAD has been released.

Overview of news 

  • A 'PROBAD-Modeler' is now available. This new PROBAD component allowes the grafical modelling of vessels or boilers 

  • The PROBAD module EN 12952-3 (2022) is now available in the new user interface

  • The calculation of standard flange connections according to EN1591 (2013) / prEN 1591-1 (2021)  can now be done in the new user interface.

  • PROBAD EN 13445 was upgraded, e.g component 'vertical vessels with
    ring supports' according to EN 13445-3, chapter 16.13.

  • In  PROBAD 'DIN/EN Piping series' and 'ASME Piping series' a short documentation of results is available, the piping calculation are displayed on the basis of DIN 21057.

  • The FEZEN Info system has been revised entirely.

Detailed information of the modifications of EN and ASME can be found in PDF-files below.



Product News -New version of CAEPIPE released

The new version 11.00 of CAEPIPE, has now been released!


Updates of EN and ASME piping codes and material libraries

New feature is added to Import AFT Impulse Time function data into CAEPIPE Time functions


New features for GUI enhancements and more


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Free Autumn Webinars

Due to the great interest in the previous webinars provided by us at SKIOS, we are pleased to announce a new short series of free online webinars. You are invited to register your participation in the following exciting topics starting in October:

  • If you are analyzing Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Pipes, this event would be of great interest. Model setup and stress evaluation of GRP piping according to ISO 14692 is going to be presented during this webinar. 10th of Oct.

  • CAEPIPE is a program that in our experience has a lot of useful features rarely used and not known to a lot of users. During this webinar, a number of features and nice-to-know commands will be revealed, make sure to enlist if you are using CAEPIPE!  14th of Oct.

The webinars will be broadcasted once in the morning at 10.00 and repeated in the afternoon at 14.00, local Swedish time. Kindly note, that there is a limit on the maximum number of attendees, so make sure to enlist now, “the early bird catches the worm”. 
We look forward to meeting you at our webinars. Registration closed.


Free Summer Webinars

SKIOS will present a couple of new Webinars again before the summer holidays. These webinars have been highly appreciated in the past and we are convinced that you will like the ones coming up in a few weeks.

First out, Friday, June the 3rd, is a presentation of how to model and implement a flexible coupling in CAEPIPE. Flexible couplings of Victaulic style are popular to use for applications when for example, a quick deployment of a piping system is needed. During the webinar you will learn about the pitfalls and get hints on how to model and use these kinds of couplings with ease.

The second webinar will take place on Tuesday, the 7th of June. This webinar has two parts. The first part is providing insight into some features in Rohr2, such as the generation of images for reports. Furthermore, how to handle text groups and views and how to include them in the report.

In the second part of this webinar we will spend time regarding data transfer between Excel and Rohr2, we will show how to import geometry via Excel into ROHR2. Registration closed