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Product News -New version of CAEPIPE and CAEPIPE3D+

The new version 10.20 of CAEPIPE, has now been released!


Updates of several ASME piping codes and material libraries

New load cases are introduced


New features: New copy and paste possibilities, detection, and removal of BLANK spaces and much more.


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Information regarding COVID-19 restrictions

Restrictions regarding the COVID-19 are still in force, in other words, "it ain't over yet"!
Unless forced by events out of our control, SKIOS Engineering AB is providing uninterrupted support service as usual during this challenging period. 

Since we in most cases are offering digital products, we are not significantly affected by the current epidemic situation. Our staff is continuing to work as usual and still in a position to provide the by our customer appreciated high level of service and support. If necessary, our team also has the capacity to operate remotely.
You may reach us either by phone or email. Our customer support working hours remain unchanged: 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM CET (Monday - Friday). 



Training News - two new courses

We are happy to announce that we have released two new training courses. The courses have not made it into our standard training agenda yet, but please contact us and we will be happy to find a way for you to take part in these trainings.  

The first course is a training in use of ROHR2fesu, an add-on FEM module to ROHR2 for the analysis of piping components not covered by any code, read more here. 

The second course is aimed towards you, interested in the use of SINETZ, an efficient tool for the calculation of pressure drop and heat loss in intermeshed piping networks, read more here.  

Product news - ROHR2 R 33.0

The new version of ROHR2, improving its renowned efficiency even more,
has now been released!

· ROHR2 now has a new 3D graphical presentation mode (OpenGL display) for models 
  and results

· The graphical user interface has been revised. Dialogues have been unified and similar
  functions in the toolbars have been combined in a meaningful way

· With the help of a new list function, inputs and results can now be centrally
  listed, documented, and, where appropriate, adapted

·  Additional post-processing tasks make it possible to automate
   documentation and checking of the results

·  The sets of rules and database in ROHR2 have been updated and extended

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Product news - CAEPIPE 3D+

Since the release of CAEPIPE 10.00, there is a new product "bundle" available from SST Systems Inc, CAEPIPE 3D+.

CAEPIPE 3D+has the capability to seamlessly integrate 3D design and analysis of piping systems. CAEPIPE 3D+ helps piping designers and stress engineers to arrive at substantially better piping layouts, that meet stress requirements, thereby saving time and costs associated with design, materials, construction, operation, and maintenance

Our training agenda is updated

We offer a variety of training courses during this spring and summer.

Training at SKIOS goes far beyond simple "button pushing". Applied analysis experience is interwoven into our training courses by our experienced instructors to ensure valuable and useful knowledge is transferred to the course participants.

Do not hesitate to register yourself and also share this information with a colleague who may require some additional knowledge.



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Skios has started its operation as of 2nd of January 2020
The office is located in Västerås Science Park

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